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OH and today some black woman with dreads walked into our store and sprayed on our cologne and walked out and then like 2 minutes later another black woman walked in with dreads and was like “where the fuck did she go??” and I was like “She went that way!” and pointed and she was like “Oh just cause we black you think you know who I’m talking about?!” and walked out. I’m like 90% sure they were twins but w/e

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ugh I just went to take a bath in this massive jetted tub and it took like 15 minutes to fill and then I put bubbles in it so I could have a bubble bath. Then I went to turn on the jets and I was like ummm this isn’t going to work, too many bubbles. So I just drained it and washed out all the damn bubbles and now I’m filling it up again fml too much work

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Anonymous asked: where do u work?


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Yaayyy I got promoted! Now I finally get a key to a $3 million store! :) anddd 2% commission 

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♡ pale boys ♡
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This hotel is amazing I want to live here forever
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